Logitech S520: Straightforward Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Technology

Though the Logitech S520 wireless keyboard and mouse package is the most reasonably priced of the Logitech line, it still has many of the best features of the higher priced models. You won’t find many bells and whistles on this basic keyboard with its accompanying laser mouse, but there are small design features that make it definitely worth the investment.
The truth is that the Logitech S520 wireless keyboard and mouse are your basic no-frill keyboard and mouse package. The keyboard does have a nice flat profile as it sits on the desk, though it is one of the biggest keyboards on the market right now at 17.25 inches long and 8 inches tall. It would make a good desktop keyboard, but its size keeps it from being a great keyboard for television or gaming use, says thetechinsider.

The Logitech S520 has its media control buttons in the trim area below the space bar, which is a pretty nifty design feature and an improvement upon the usual configuration that puts them above the keyboard. Usually the hot keys are placed somewhere on the keyboard where you would never comfortably press them, so you just don’t use them at all. The Logitech S520, however, puts those keys into your comfort zone and you’ll find that you use them much more often than you ever have before.

The Logitech S520 did do an unusual thing with the Windows Calculator hot key button. They put it over next to the number pad, which makes sense because it is a number-related device. It seems like a logical place to look for the button, and the button itself will most likely be used many times as most computer users have ditched the handheld calculator and use the computer almost exclusively these days.

The USB receiver with the Logitech S520 is a little larger than most, but it is still very usable. The keyboard and mouse are very easy to install because they don’t need any special software to use. The Logitech S520 does include some software if you choose to install it, which will give you more configuration options.

The fact is, there is not much to say about the Logitech S520. It is a serviceable wireless keyboard and mouse set that will satisfy the needs of any user who wants the flexibility of a wireless setup for their desktop computer. The Logitech s520 isn’t ideal for use as a gaming or television viewing keyboard and mouse combination, but it is perfect for everyday computer use.

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